Iki island is located in the Genkainada Sea in Nagasaki prefecture.
Our guesthouse is standing on the cape of the island and has a stunning view.
Blue ocean and open sky spread out in front of you as far as the eyes can see. We provide amazingly fresh meals using abundantly wild seafood which are caught in the morning.
Please enjoy your stay fulfilling your eyes, heart and body with magnificent view of nature and the Iki island’s gourmet.


    Fresh Seafood from One of Japan’s Foremost Fishing Grounds, the Genkainada Sea

    Iki island is located at the border of the Genkainada Sea and the East China Sea. This is one of Japan’s foremost fishing grounds and is blessed with fish of warm and cold currents! We abundantly use wild seafoods caught in the morning. You can indulge not only in amazingly fresh seafoods such as abalone but also tender textured meat, high grade “Iki Beef”.


    Landscape View of Magnificent Ocean in Front of You

    You can rest your body and feel relaxed while listening to sound of waves at the large bath which has a panoramic view of the Genkainada Sea. There are observatory baths each for men and women. There is also a private bath. (Advance reservation is necessary.)

Manners for Bathing

  1. Avoid bathing right after dining and drinking alcohol.
  2. No swimsuits are allowed. In Japanese Onsen, you need to be naked.
  3. You need to wash your whole body and rinse off dirt at the washing up area before getting into the bath tub. Washing body at the dressing room or inside the bath tub is not allowed.
  4. Do “Kakeyu” (pouring warm water on yourself ) starting with your wrists and ankles, then arms, legs, lower back and shoulders. “Kakeyu” is very effective to prevent sudden increase in blood pressure and get used to the water’s temperature.
  5. You can not swim in the bath tub. Please take a bath quietly.
  6. Keep towels out of the bath tub. Please tie up your hair on top of your head if your hair is long to prevent your hair soak in warm water.
  7. Please drink a plenty of water after taking a bath.


    With Sound of Waves You Can Hear

    There are rooms with ocean view. In these rooms, you can overlook the magnificent Genkainada Sea. Blue ocean which you can see from the window is breathtaking! The sound of waves which make you feel the island is healing. Simply with sound of waves you hear, you can stay comfortably forgetting everyday hustle and bustle.


    Iki Island Full of Untouched Nature and Attractions

    Iki island is a small island in Nagasaki prefecture located in Kyushu’s Genkainada Sea. This island has crystal-clear emerald green ocean and picturesque scenery that cannot be beaten by Okinawa. There are sightseeing boats for touring to see superb view and marine activities such as sea kayaking and snorkeling. This island is also known as the island of god because it has many shrines and Shinto rituals. Sacred places tour is also recommended.

  • Japanese-style Guesthouse Hanya Chigaso

    1085 Ishidacho Tsutsukihigashifure, Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 811-5203 Japan
  • By Airplane

    3 minutes drive from Iki Airport

  • By ship

    Indoji Port(5 minutes drive)
    Gonoura Port(20 minutes drive)
    Ashibe Port(18 minutes drive)
    Katsumoto Port(28 minutes drive)


Number of rooms
17 rooms
Check-in / Check-out
from 15:00 / Check-out: before 10:00
Payment Method
Cash, cards (JCB, VISA, Master, American Express, Diner's Club, Discover), PayPay and other barcode payments are accepted (using AirPAY).
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation fees will be charged as follows.
Not staying overnight and no-show without notice: 100% of accommodation fees
On the date of arrival : 100% of accommodation fees
One day prior to arrival : 50 % of accommodation fees
2 days to 3 days before arrival: 30% of accommodation fees
Free Parking
20 cars(first-come, first-served)